'Top Gear': Matt LeBlanc's SUV Causes 'Chaos' While Filming New Series

Things still aren't going smoothly behind the scenes.

Filming for Matt LeBlanc’s second series of ‘Top Gear’ is now underway, but it seems he’s hit a bit of a snag while shooting one episode.

After, let’s face it, a fairly disastrous series sharing presenting duties with Chris Evans, Matt will be stepping up as the sole lead presenter of ‘Top Gear’ next year.

However, it would appear things still aren’t running completely smoothly, following the news that an SUV worth £90K broke down on set, as reported by The Mirror.

<strong>Matt was able to drive the car through water...</strong>
Matt was able to drive the car through water...
<strong> ...but hit a snag back on dry land</strong>
...but hit a snag back on dry land

Having already made it through a reservoir in the Isle Of Man, the supposedly “all-terrains” car gave up while being driven through a country line, reportedly causing “utter chaos” for motorists, who were directed around it while mechanics worked on the eight-wheeler.

<strong> Matt LeBlanc</strong>
Matt LeBlanc
Maarten de Boer via Getty Images

HuffPost UK has reached out to the BBC for comment.

Of course, anyone who followed the entertainment news while Chris Evans filmed the most recent series of ‘Top Gear’ will know he had his own fair share of obstacles to overcome during production.

Who could forget the infamous “Cenotaph stunt”, which saw the BBC show facing a massive backlash and accusations of being disrespectful to war veterans? And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Throughout filming, the show was also hit by multiple chops and changes amid the production team, while photos of Chris Evans stopping his car to be sick after filming in a sports car didn’t exactly fill fans with hope.

After being hit by feeble reviews and low ratings, Chris eventually announced that he was stepping down from the show once the final episode had aired on the BBC.

25 March 2015

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