'Top Gear' Trailer: Chris Evans And Matt LeBlanc Get Drenched In New Clip (VIDEO)

A trip to the beach isdifferent here in Britain.

Matt LeBlanc learns a tough lesson, in an important aspect of British culture, in the latest trailer for the new series of ‘Top Gear’.

We can only imagine what was going through the former ‘Friends’ actor’s mind when he was told they’d be filming by the seaside. Probably images of the California sun, catching some rays, perhaps a cheeky cocktail by the sea as the sun goes down at the end of a long day of shooting.

And then… he finds himself stuck in the pouring rain in Blackpool, with only Chris Evans and the town Mayor at his side.

Matt and Chris get caught in a storm
Matt and Chris get caught in a storm

Fortunately, it’s not all rainclouds and torrential downpour, as the newly-released trailer also shows Chris and Matt going for a drive in some exotic locations, as well as showing new presenter Chris Harris at the wheel.

Tinie Tempah takes a spin with Matt LeBlanc
Tinie Tempah takes a spin with Matt LeBlanc

‘Top Gear’ is returning to our screens later this month, and despite various media reports suggesting that things behind the scenes haven’t been going smoothly, the BBC has repeatedly spoken out to defend the motoring show’s new recruits.

Most recently, they hit back at suggestions that Chris Evans had been “more volatile” than his predecessor, Jeremy Clarkson, with a spokesperson insisting: “The Sun, for its own reasons, continues on a weekly, sometimes daily basis to publish negative stories about Top Gear and unfounded nonsense about Chris, which is no longer worth any serious consideration or response”.”

Jeremy Clarkson, meanwhile, recently denied rumours he was “sabotaging” the new series of ‘Top Gear’, ahead of his own rival car show’s arrival on Amazon Prime in the autumn.

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25 March 2015

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