Popular Baby Names: Scotland's Official Top Names Of 2016 Released

Emily has been knocked off the top spot for girls.

The most popular baby names in Scotland for 2016 have been revealed.

Olivia was the most popular names for girls, knocking Emily off the top spot and climbing two spots from 2015.

Jack was the most popular boys’ name for the ninth year in a row, with James jumping up a spot to come in second.

The data was released by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) and includes baby names registered up until the 3 December 2016, with 26,408 boys and 24,489 girls.

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New entries in the boys’ top 10 list include Harry (which rose 10 spots since 2015), Noah and Leo.

For girls, the only new entry into the top 10 was Charlotte, which jumped an impressive 11 spots since last year.

The NRS also revealed the four names in the top 50 tables that were the “biggest climbers” of 2016: Isabella, Robyn, Jaxon and Sofia.

View the top 10 lists below, the number in brackets shows where the name appeared in the list last year.

Top boys’ names:

1. Jack (no change)

2. James (+1)

3. Oliver (-1)

4. Lewis (no change)

5. Logan (+3)

6. Harry (+10)

7. Noah (+8)

8. Leo (+5)

9. Charlie (-3)

10. Alexander (-5)

Top girls’ names:

1. Olivia (+2)

2. Emily (-1)

3. Sophie (-1)

4. Isla (no change)

5. Ava (+1)

6. Amelia (+1)

7. Jessica (-2)

8. Ella (no change)

9. Lucy (no change)

10. Charlotte (+11)

A full list of all names registered during 2016 will be published in March 2017.

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