Reporter Knocked Down By Car During Live Broadcast. Recovers. Continues Broadcast Like A Boss

Tori Yorgey has since reassured viewers that she’s fine, just "a little sore", following the shocking encounter.

An American news reporter has reassured viewers she is doing well after she was knocked down by a car during a live TV broadcast.

Remarkably, Tori Yorgey managed to bounce back and continue her live report after being floored by the vehicle on Wednesday night.

The WSAZ reporter was at the scene of a water break in the West Virginia city of Dunbar when shocked viewers saw her being mown down.

“Oh my God. I just got hit by a car, but I’m okay,” she exclaimed after the collision.

The following morning, Tori thanked viewers on Twitter for their well-wishes and reassured everyone that she was ok.

“Wow. I am flattered by the kindness and well wishes,” she tweeted. “I am feeling fine, just a little sore! Thank you all so much.”

She added that WSAZ anchor Tim Irr “couldn’t see what was happening” after he came under fire from some viewers for his apparent lack of sympathy during the broadcast.

“For the record: @WSAZirr couldn’t see what was happening in that moment,” Tori wrote. “He is one of the kindest people I know, and was first to call to check on me.”

In a subsequent interview with NBC Nightly News, Tori said she feared she was “going under the wheel”.


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