Tory Mayor Hopeful Roasted For Claiming She Can't Remember 'Londonistan' Tweet

Susan Hall also apologised to anyone offended by her liking a tweet with a picture of Enoch Powell.
LBC's Nick Ferrari quizzes Conservative mayoral candidate Susan Hall
LBC's Nick Ferrari quizzes Conservative mayoral candidate Susan Hall
LBC Nick Ferrari

The Tory candidate for London mayor was roasted on live radio over her dubious Twitter history.

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari skewered Susan Hall after she claimed she “can’t remember” replying “thank you” to a tweet by Katie Hopkins which described Sadiq Khan as “our nipple height mayor of Londonistan”.

She was also mocked for trying to defend liking a tweet with a picture of far-right politician Enoch Powell stating: “It’s never too late to get London back.”

On the Hopkins tweet, she said: “I can’t remember doing that.”

A stunned Ferrari responded: “You can’t remember doing it?”

Hall replied: “Nick, I used to tweet all the time.”

The presenter then went on: “Do you remember liking a tweet that had the language ‘It’s never too late to get London back’ with a picture of Enoch Powell?”

In a rambling answer, Hall said: “Yes. And I’ve explained that it’s never too late, which is what I’m saying to you.

“It is not too late to make London better again. We’ve got traffic jams left, right and centre we’ve got a ULEZ expansion.”

She insisted that she was “of course not” a fan of Enoch Powell and added: “If you’re a serial tweeter, you tend to go through liking all sorts of things. You sometimes read things and don’t see. If anybody is offended then obviously I would apologise.”

Clearly baffled by Hall’s argument, Ferrari said: “You can’t see that it would be offensive? I have to explain to you the offence?”

Hall said: “No.. because it wasn’t intended. If I have caused offence then I apologise.”

Ferrari also challenged the mayoral hopeful over another tweet in which she called reality TV star Gemma Collins a “stupid fat blonde woman”.

Hall said: “People will throw these tweets at me and I accept it and if I offended anybody, I apologise.”

Despite the controversy, a new poll today showed that Hall is just three points behind Khan in the race for City Hall.

The Labour mayor leads on 35%, with Hall on 32%.


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