Tory MP Jeered As She Tries To Coin 'Smexit'

'A smart and smooth Brexit'

A Conservative MP was greeted with jeers in the chamber today as she attempted to coin “Smexit”, which she said was a contraction of “smart and smooth Brexit”.

Claire Perry mentioned the term as she urged Theresa May to protect workers rights as Britain leaves the EU and deal with concerns over regulations in new businesses such as Uber.

This follows various attempts by Tory MPs to coin versions Brexit that support their view of how the negotiations should be managed.

Initially leaving the Single Market and Customs Union was termed a “hard” Brexit, while staying in was dubbed “soft”.

Since then Eurosceptics have tried to substitute “clean” for “hard”, saying it is less pejorative.

But Perry’s new word did not go down well, attracting various unkind remarks on Twitter.

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