02/06/2017 10:38 BST | Updated 02/06/2017 10:46 BST

Tower Of London Beefeater Ticks Off Tourist For Throwing A Glove At Queen’s Guard

'He's a soldier, he deserves to be treated with respect.'

Footage of a tourist receiving an extraordinary ticking off by a Beefeater at the Tower of London has emerged.

The clip, filmed by a fellow tourist, shows an apparent “stand-off” between the Queen’s Guard and a woman, who had tossed a glove at him in a bid to make him move.

The Queen’s Guard are known for their ability to stand motionless and expressionless at attention outside royal residences in London.

A Beefeater at the Tower of London ticks off a tourist for flinging her glove at the Queen's Guard 

But the bid to break his resolve appeared to backfire when an irate Beefeater intervened.

“Did you just throw your glove over?” he demands, adding: “Why did you do that? The Army’s here to protect the crown jewels, he is not here for the public to make fun of.

“He’s a soldier, he serves his country, he deserves to be treated with a little respect.

“Throwing your gloves at him isn’t going to work is it really.”

Beefeater 1, tourist 0.