Megan McKenna Expresses Regret Over 'Ex On The Beach' Sex Scene

'I know that having sex on TV isn’t the best thing... but everybody does it.'

Megan McKenna has revealed her regret at having sex on TV during her time on ‘Ex On The Beach’.

Before coming to people’s attention on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, Megan starred in the third and fourth series of the outrageous MTV reality show.

During her time on the show, she and then boyfriend Jordan Davies had sex in the contestants’ shared house, which aired as part of the coverage, and two years on, Megan has confessed that it’s something she now feels uneasy about.

<strong>Megan McKenna on 'BUILD'</strong>
Megan McKenna on 'BUILD'
Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Speaking to HuffPost UK on ‘BUILD’, she admitted: “I have a few regrets from when I was on ‘Ex On The Beach’. I did get a bit intimate with one of my boyfriends on there.

“I wish I didn’t… but it’s not like there was a film crew there, there were fixed rigged cameras, so it does seem like there isn’t anyone there. And he was my boyfriend. I was with him for a month, technically, on the show.

“I don’t know, there’s a few things I regret, but I suppose that it’s got me where I am today.”

However, she did have a word for the detractors who judge the show’s contestants for having sex in front of the ‘Ex On The Beach’ cameras, adding: “It is normal. I know that having sex on TV isn’t the best thing, but everybody [has sex]. So I don’t know why everyone’s making out like they don’t, because they do.”

<strong>Megan and Jordan in 'Ex On The Beach'</strong>
Megan and Jordan in 'Ex On The Beach'

When the contestants from the most recent series of ‘Ex On The Beach’ appeared on ‘BUILD’, they expressed similar sentiments, with Harriette Harper insisting: I would say that everybody goes away and has fun on holiday - sun, sex and sand.

Watch Megan’s full ‘BUILD’ interview below:

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