TOWIE Star Courtney Green Praised For Undergoing Cervical Screening On The Show

The reality star urged other women to take up their appointments: "I can't stress how important it is and it really isn't bad."
HuffPost UK

Reality star Courtney Green has been praised for undergoing cervical screening during Sunday night’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex.

Courtney agreed to be filmed having the procedure, previously called a ‘smear test’, to encourage other women to attend appointments when they are invited by the NHS.

The episode saw Courtney discuss the purpose of cervical screening to fellow TOWIE stars Gatsby and Dan, explaining that the procedure helps identify abnormal cells that could later develop into cancer. She then had the test while the cameras were rolling.

“It really wasn’t that bad,” she said on the show afterwards. “I can’t believe I’ve done it.”

The episode has been praised by the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, who said Courtney’s efforts could help boost low attendance rates.

“With cervical screening attendance as low as one in two among some age groups, it’s fantastic that Courtney is using her platform to raise awareness of this really important test,” Kate Sanger, the charity’s head of communications and public affairs, told HuffPost UK.

“Through talking openly about what happens during cervical screening and ways to make it easier, she is helping to address questions and concerns women may have and hopefully providing a reminder or encouragement to those who are currently overdue.”

Others on social media also praised the reality star.

Of course, while cervical screening is straightforward for many women, others may find attending appointments difficult due to past trauma or medical difficulties – but there is support available.

The charity My Body Back supports women who have experienced sexual assault to access cervical screening, and you can follow @AtYourCervix_x for peer support if you’re finding cervical screening difficult.

You can find more resources and advice from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust or from your GP.