cervical cancer

Doctors reveal what you should skip before your appointment in order to make it as smooth and accurate as possible.
One in three people can’t name a single gynaecological cancer. We need to change that.
But don't be cancelling your next cervical screening appointment just yet.
A new study found that more women are concerned about the way they look than their gynaecological health.
Vagina Museum tells health secretary that self-sampling swabs testing for the Human Papillomavirus Virus are not the same as full cervical screening.
Initially, the testing kits will go to some women aged 25-64 who are 15 months overdue a check.
Here's how to protect yourself and the symptoms to look out for.
Lucy Pasha-Robinson chats with comedian and cervical cancer awareness activist Karen Hobbs. In this episode, we’re doing things slightly differently – we’re talking about cancer, which is often seen as an acute condition. But as this week’s guest explains, in many ways its effects can be chronic – from living with life-altering sensations, surgery complications, and the long term psychological impact of facing up to your mortality – including learning to cope with a fear of recurrence.
Karen Hobbs shares five things she’s discovered about self-pleasure since having gynaecological surgery. Listen and subscribe to Chronic with HuffPost UK's Lucy Pasha-Robinson.