Toyota Will Make Every Car In Its Range Electric By 2025

Welcome to the club.

Despite being responsible for the most famous hybrid car in history, the Prius, Toyota has been relatively quiet about its plans for going electric.

Well now the world’s second-largest car manufacturer has announced that by 2025, every car it makes will be available with an electric motor.

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The company’s shift over to electrification comes with some sales claims including 5.5 million electrified vehicles and 1.1 zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

Now while that might sound like a lot of cars it’s important to remember that in 2016 Toyota sold over 10 million vehicles, so even by 2030 they’re predicting that only a little over half the cars they sell will have electric engines.

To help shift some of those numbers Toyota’s planning to have over 10 models of purely electric cars available by the early 2020s.

This is in stark contrast to Volkswagen which has said that all 300 of the models it makes will be available with an electric motor by 2030.

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It is Volvo however that comes out ahead of the competition after it confirmed that it would be offering either fully-electric or hybrid versions of all its cars by 2019.

Following suite was Jaguar Land Rover which confirmed it too would be offering hybrid or fully electric versions of all its cars by 2020.

Mercedes Benz then announced this week that it would be launching fully electric or hybrid versions of all its cars by 2022.


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