‘Trainspotting Live’ At Centre Of Scandal, As BBC Admit To Using Old Footage

We're not angry, just disappointed.

We’re no strangers to a scandal or two when it comes to reality television, but it’s fair to say that none of us saw this storm coming.

‘Trainspotting Live’, everyone’s favourite new BBC Four show, is in the spotlight, thanks to the fact the Beeb showed old footage from YouTube, while presenter Peter Snow unwittingly told viewers that what they were seeing was live.

The clip in question is actually from February
The clip in question is actually from February

The moment was spotted by eagle-eyed locomotive enthusiasts during Monday’s show - which was the first of the short series’ three episodes - and many of them discussed this matter on an internet forum.

As video footage of a Class 66 train was shown, host Peter could be heard exclaiming: “We’ve just seen one going past - there we are, Class 66!”

However, as The Sun reports, when you look closely at the footage, the weather conditions certainly do not seem like those of a July evening, and the BBC have now confirmed that it was a YouTube clip, filmed months ago.

A statement from the broadcaster reads: “It was made clear from the beginning of the programme that rail enthusiasts have been collecting and filming material over the last few weeks.

“The footage of the Class 66 was intended to show viewers what the live trainspotters were looking out for.

“It was not captioned as live on screen to viewers, but in the excitement of a live broadcast, it was mistakenly suggested that it was a live spot.”

Among the comments from locomotive lovers was this one, which really does sum things up nicely: “One group you cannot con is trainspotters.

“They notice all the nuance and are passionate about their hobby.”

We’re not angry… just disappointed.

And it is all made slightly more amusing by the fact that the story made the front page of The Sun, in the middle of what is definitely a fairly busy news week.

This whole thing is very British, isn’t it?

‘Trainspotting Live’ was Monday night’s surprise hit, and Tuesday’s episode was also a hit with fans on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time BBC Four have left fans amused by their slightly bizarre choices, and this is nothing compared to the fact they previously screened a two-hour canal journey, with no narration.

The show’s third and final part will air tonight (Wednesday 13 July) on BBC Four. Catch up on the first two episodes here.


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