Headspace: Trans People Reveal Their Daily Struggles In Powerful Short Film

'Is he looking over here?'

A powerful short film has offered an insight into the daily challenges of being trans.

Made in an attempt to promote acceptance and understanding, the film reveals the difficulty of tasks most people take for granted, such as making a phone call or to going to the gym.

The film, named Headspace, was written and directed by Jake Graf and features an all trans cast.

“I think there is a popular misconception that once a trans person has medically transitioned, and settled into a ‘mainstream’ lifestyle, that all the struggles, challenges and discrimination simply fade away.

“I wanted to give a glimpse into some very personal and awkward experiences that I’m sure as trans folk we all go through, but that are to some degree universal, and that we all go through now and again,” Graf told the Huffington Post UK.

It has been released in February to mark LGBT+ History Month.


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