The 25 Emerging Travel Destinations You'll Want To Visit In 2020

Ipswich is the only UK destination to make it onto the annual Tripadvisor list.

Tripadvisor has announced its annual ranking of up-and-coming travel destinations – and you don’t even have to leave the UK to be on trend.

Ipswich in Suffolk has been named one of the top emerging destinations in the world, coming in at number 14, making it the only UK destination on the 2020 Travellers’ Choice Destination list.

According to data analysed by the site, travellers are falling for the East Anglian town thanks to its picturesque waterfront. Ipswich was also praised for retaining its “historical charm” while providing a “cultural hub of activity”. Tourist highlights include Christchurch Park, Regent Theatre and Christchurch Mansion.

“With superb transport links, an excellent range of accommodation options and ever-growing list of theatres, dance houses and things to, Ipswich is attracting some well-deserved traveller attention,” Tripadvisor added.

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Ipswich, Suffolk
Ipswich marina
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Ipswich marina

Kaliningrad in Russia was named the top emerging destination in the world overall, based on data from reviews, interest and ‘saves’ on the platform.

The top 25 emerging destinations in the world, according to Tripadvisor:

  1. Kaliningrad, Russia

  2. Saranda, Albania

  3. Beirut, Lebanon

  4. Luxor, Egypt

  5. Naoussa, Greece

  6. Rugen Island, Germany

  7. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

  8. Monopoli, Italy

  9. La Paz, Mexico

  10. Curaçao, Caribbean

  11. Ile d’Oleron, France

  12. Guayaquil, Ecuador

  13. Tulsa, United States

  14. Ipswich, United Kingdom

  15. Franschhoek, South Africa

  16. Tangier, Morocco

  17. Takamatsu, Japan

  18. Cala d’Or, Spain

  19. Petropolis, Brazil

  20. Antwerp, Belgium

  21. Mirissa, Sri Lanka

  22. Alvor, Portugal

  23. Winnipeg, Canada

  24. Darwin, Australia

  25. Agra, India

Kaliningrad, Russia.
Belikart via Getty Images
Kaliningrad, Russia.

The awards also looked at “trending” destinations, judged by the locations that had seen the biggest spikes in positive reviews and ratings over the last year.

The highest ranked trending destination in the UK was Edinburgh at number 23, praised for its “heritage, culture and festivals”.

“Take a long walk around the centre to explore the World Heritage Sites of the Old Town and New Town, as well as all the city’s museums and galleries,” the site recommends.

“Then stop for a delicious meal made from fresh Scottish produce before heading out to take in one of Edinburgh’s many events — including the famous summer festivals of culture, or the Winter Festivals of music, light and ceilidhs.”

Edinburgh, Scotland.
e55evu via Getty Images
Edinburgh, Scotland.

The top 25 global trending destinations, according to Tripadvisor:

  1. Kochi, India

  2. Luzon, Philippines

  3. Porto, Portugal

  4. Porto Seguro, Brazil

  5. Gramado, Brazil

  6. Lombok, Indonesia

  7. Da Nang, Vietnam

  8. Zakynthos, Greece

  9. Tel Aviv, Israel

  10. Krakow, Poland

  11. Island of Malta, MaltaI

  12. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  13. Cusco, Peru

  14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  15. Vienna, Austria

  16. Fuerteventura, Spain

  17. Mexico City, Mexico

  18. Chiang Mai, Thailand

  19. Fes, Morocco

  20. Budapest, Hungary

  21. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

  22. Cartagena, Colombia

  23. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  24. Cebu, Philippines

  25. Moscow, Russia.

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