17 Stages Of Travelling Home For Christmas

Leaves on the line.

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting to spend time with your family (even if that feeling only lasts for a couple of hours).

The arguments, the presents, the family traditions, it’s all worth spending half your salary on a train ticket.

But before you can enjoy mum’s turkey and dad’s terrible festive jokes, you’ve got to endure the 17 stages of travelling home for Christmas.

1. Counting down the days till you can go home.

2. Preparing an extensive Chris Rea and Mariah Carey playlist.

3. Having nightmares about potential leaves on the line.

4. Knowing you’re just at the mercy of TFL.

5. Constantly checking the weather app to check for potential snow.

6. Getting to the train station.

7. Trying to get across the intercourse without getting your feet taken off by a suitcase on wheels.

8. Paying for the tickets.

9. Trying to get on the train.

10. Feeling smug because you paid extra for a reserved seat.

11. Unfortunately that seat is next to someone who wants to talk over you.

12. Being told that there are going to be serious delays.

13. Remembering why you moved away from the countryside in the first place.

14. Trying to get your mum to pick you up.

15. Wondering if this is the time to try hitch hiking.

16. Having to wait for a bloody rail replacement bus service.

17. Finally getting home and knowing it was all worth it.