20 Most Popular Travel-Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Pregnancy is a journey and these baby names are your destination – quite literally.
Baby is sitting in a suitcase, getting ready for a travel. Selective focus. Child.
Yana Tatevosian / 500px via Getty Images
Baby is sitting in a suitcase, getting ready for a travel. Selective focus. Child.

When you’re trying to think of a unique baby name, what things come to mind? You might choose a name outside your culture, a food or flower or superhero name, or you might try and find a name people really haven’t heard before.

Travel-inspired names are always a popular bet. I’m sure many of us know a Paris or an India. But how about naming your child Rome or Sydney? Bounce analysed baby name data from the past 20 years to discover which travel destinations around the world are sparking inspiration for baby names.

And it turns out staycations aren’t just a holiday trend.

Even though it’s a small city in the northwest of England, Chester is the most popular travel-related baby name for boys in the UK with 3,410 babies given the name. In second place is another northern city: Preston.

Meanwhile for girls, Florence is the most popular travel-inspired name with 21,962 baby girls in the UK named after the Italian city. Next on the list for girls is Skye, one of Scotland’s most popular island holiday destinations.

Here are the top 10 travel-inspired lists for boys and girls and there are quite a few unexpected ones in the mix.

Top 10 travel-inspired baby names for boys:

  1. Chester - 3,410 boys names

  2. Preston - 3,082 boys names

  3. Phoenix - 2,738 boys names

  4. Milan - 1,947 boys names

  5. Orlando - 1,102 boys names

  6. Israel - 1,015 boys names

  7. Cairo - 969 boys names

  8. Rome - 562 boys names

  9. Sydney - 531 boys names

  10. Caspian 531 boys names

Top 10 travel-inspired baby names for girls:

  1. Florence - 21,962 girls names

  2. Skye - 11,456 girls names

  3. India - 6,158 girls names

  4. Paris - 3,371 girls names

  5. Sydney - 3,251 girls names

  6. Mali - 1,315 girls names

  7. Dakota - 1,214 girls names

  8. Phoenix - 1,140 girls names

  9. Ocean - 1,000 girls names

  10. Vienna - 998 girls names