Trevor Noah: Trump 'Giving America Judicial Herpes'

The U.S. president’s choice of another Supreme Court justice 'will be able to fundamentally reshape America for generations'.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's announcement that he'll retire at the end of July had Trevor Noah feeling down on Thursday.

"Godamn, this is so crazy," Noah said on "The Daily Show." "You realise regardless of what happens in his presidency now, Donald Trump will leave a mark on this country for decades to come.

"Yeah. It's like it's not going to go away. It's like he is giving America judicial herpes."

Noah pointed out that the Trump influence will persist for generations.

"You realise his court picks will be around for so long that they'll be ruling on major legal questions way into the future, like whether or not Elon Musk can marry his robot slaves," Noah said. "We don't know where it's going to go."

He added: "I can handle the idea of Donald Trump being president for a few years. What blows my mind, though, is that he will be able to fundamentally reshape America for generations. Donald Trump is going to shape America."

Check out the video above to see why correspondent Hasan Minhaj remains optimistic.


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