Man Leaves TripAdvisor-Style Review For Grimsby Prison Cell, Gives Four Stars Although All Day Breakfast Needs Work

Slightly cramped, but very welcoming staff. Four stars.

A man from Grimsby has become an internet star after Facebooking a hilarious TripAdvisor-style review of a prison cell after he ended up spending the night there on Wednesday.

I've given this place 4 stars. It's the all day breakfast that lets it down really. Apart from that the staff are...

Posted by Christian Willoughby on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Christian Willoughby even shared pictures on the "view" from his window - a brick wall obscured by thick, warped glass - and shots of the metal toilet and unappetising meal he was served.

Summarising his stay at the exclusive resort, he gave the cell four stars - but said the all-day breakfast spoiled the experience slightly.

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