Trouble Sleeping In Hotels? Scientists Reveal Your Brain Stays Half Awake In Unfamiliar Places

Animal instinct is designed to protect us from predators.

Ever wondered why you find it harder to get to sleep in a hotel or in a new place?

Well scientists have discovered that it's actually a 'survival mode' that goes all the way back to when we used to live in caves and grunt for fun.

Scientists at Brown University discovered that this First-Night-Effect (FNE) is an uncontrollable reaction by the brain when it recognises you're sleeping in a new location for the first time.

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What then happens is that rather than allowing your body to go into a full sleep only half of the brain shuts down, keeping the other half in a 'sentry mode'.

While not fully awake, the left hemisphere was always in a state of alertness with increased sensitivity to what was going on around it.

Sleep scientist Masako Tamaki and her colleagues discovered that those who were in this half-awake state were woken up more easily by 'deviant' sounds like a creaking door or a screaming fox.

Humans aren't the only animals to have this defense mechanism, in fact both Dolphins and Whales have a far more advanced version which allows them to get a full night's rest while still staying alert in case a predator is nearby.

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