Trump Tweets Reaction To Sri Lanka Attacks And Wildly Overstates The Death Toll

The US president misquoted the death toll by hundreds of millions

Reacting to the Sri Lanka explosion on Sunday, Donald Trump mistakenly overstated the death toll by hundreds of millions.

The US president wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “Heartfelt condolences from the people of the United States to the people of Sri Lanka on the horrible terrorist attacks on churches and hotels that have killed at least 138 million people and badly injured 600 more. We stand ready to help!”

The death toll in the attacks is estimated at 207 people, with a further 450 injured. Trumps estimates of the casualties overestimates by some margin. The most recent United Nations figures set the population of Sri Lanka at 21.44 million.

Donald Trump on Sri Lanka
Donald Trump on Sri Lanka

Criticism of Trump’s post was swift with users from all over the world berating the leader for his faux pas.


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