21/11/2017 16:30 GMT

Trump Voter Says He Would Trust President Over Jesus

'Trump is there for the small guy.'

In 2014 it was scientifically determined that Jesus Christ was the most significant human being ever.

Although it wasn’t a specific judging criteria, it’s safe to assume a person lauded with such a weighty accolade who, two millennia after his death, is still worshipped by 2.2 billion people, is viewed with a certain degree of trust.

Donald Trump did not make the list.

Additionally, it has been scientifically determined that in the first 263 days of being President he made 1,318 “false or misleading claims”.

With that in mind, disregard all notion of logic and watch this...

Speaking on CNN’s ‘Pulse of the People’ segment, a gentleman says: “The swamp is horrible and Trump is there for the small guy, people like myself.”

When the host responds that his Cabinet is in fact “filled with multi-millionaires”, he says: “I love that. They’re not politicians.”

He then adds: “Let me tell you - if Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and tells me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him: ‘Hold on a second, I need to check with the President if it’s true.’”

Back in July whilst justifying his appointment of multi-millionaires to his Cabinet, he said: “They don’t want the money, they’re representing the country. 

In the US the richest 1 percent of people own 38.6 percent of the country’s wealth, nearly double the amount of the entire bottom 90 percent of the population.

Trump added: “And I love all people, rich or poor - but in those particular positions I just don’t wanna poor person.”