22/12/2017 12:46 GMT

This Turkey Breasts Christmas Jumper Will Get People Talking For All the Right Reasons

Who doesn’t want turkey breasts as boobs this Christmas?

It takes a lot for a Christmas jumper to stand out these days, so there’s only one solution: breasts... turkey breasts, that is. 

T-shirt brand Nina’s Nips has created a ‘Turkey Breasts’ jumper that will certainly get people talking and for a very good reason, as a percentage of profits from the sale of these festive numbers will go to CoppaFeel breast cancer charity. 

Ninas Nips

The casual wear brand usually sells tops with a focus on boob puns. In the past, the prints have ranged from door knockers, cats, burgers and bee’s to symbolise “bee stings”.

Nina Beyers, art director of Nina’s Nips told HuffPost UK: “My inspiration for this season is that I love provoking conversation about a serious topic but in a fun way!

“It’s also putting an issue that can be private or embarrassing on show for people to talk about.

“Breast cancer awareness has to come from people talking about worries and experiences, so why can’t we get the topic out there in a humorous way too?”

Ninas Nips

From the sale of each jumper, 10% of the proceeds go to the “CoppaFeel” breast cancer charity.  

Beyers believed this is the best charity to donate to as both brands’ have a similarly cheeky tone of voice.

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