07/02/2017 16:15 GMT

Twitter Will Now Filter Abusive Replies And Crack Down On Repeat Offenders

The company is cracking down on abuse, again...

Twitter is cracking down on abuse, again.

Now this might sound like a broken record but add together all the features that the company has introduced so far and Twitter is finally starting to provide enough tools for users to feel like they can protect themselves.

The latest features are substantial too.

Andrew Matthews/PA Archive

Announced via a blog post, the company has confirmed that it is introducing a new feature that will filter the replies that you get and hide any that are deemed to be ‘abusive or low-quality’.

Instead it will intelligently bring forward the replies that it feels are most relevant. You’ll still be able to see all your replies, even the abusive ones, but by default they’ll be hidden from now on.

Next up Twitter says that it will be severely cracking down on repeat offenders.

“We’re taking steps to identify people who have been permanently suspended and stop them from creating new accounts,” explains Twitter’s VP of Engineering Ed Ho. “This focuses more effectively on some of the most prevalent and damaging forms of behavior, particularly accounts that are created only to abuse and harass others.”

Finally the company is working on improving ‘safe search’, a feature which removes potentially sensitive content, abusive tweets and muted accounts from your search results.

Late last year Twitter unveiled some improvements to its notifications system effectively muting notifications from potentially abusive accounts.