Twitter's 140-Character Limit Is 'Staying' Confirms CEO Jack Dorsey

The debate is finally over on whether Twitter is becoming "Facebook 2.0"

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has finally settled the debate on whether the site would ditch its 140-character tweet limit.

Richard Drew/AP

Speaking on the Today show in America the CEO kept his answer short and sweet when asked about the 140-character limit.

"It's staying" he replied.

There had been a rumour that Twitter would introduce a new 10,000 word character limit after Dorsey tweeted that he was open to the idea of changing the word count limit on a tweet.

This rumour combined with Twitter's experimental timeline which removed the chronological order of tweets resulted in a brief backlash during which many started calling the site "Facebook 2.0".

Twitter has undergone some fundamental changes in the last 12-months with a huge swathe of new features being unveiled including Moments, Live Periscope videos being added to the timeline and the integration of Giphy.

The controversial algorithmic timeline has since appeared however Twitter decided to launch it as an optional feature that could be switched on or off.