The 18 Types Of Toddler Tantrum Every Parent Will Have Experienced

Send wine.

All parents have experienced the toddler meltdown - completely unprovoked, totally irrational and making you look like the worst mum or dad in the world. All because you tried to stop them eating cat food.

Here are the 18 types of toddler tantrum every parent has experienced, or has to look forward to...

1. The first ever one.

2. The tired one.

3. The Monday one.

4. The getting ready to leave the house one.

5. The Disney one.

6. The snot one.

7. The toast one.

8. The drink one.

9. The shopping centre one.

10. The refusal to accept help one.

11. The disproportionate response one.

12. The embarrassingly public one.

13. The ovary shriveling one.

14. The ‘I-deserve-a-medal’ one.

15. The locking myself in the bathroom one.

16. The double toddler one.

17. The giving up on life one.

18. The putting you up for adoption one.