UEFA Warns England And Russia Could Be Disqualified From Euro 2016 If Marseille Is Violence Repeated

Following clashes with police.

UEFA has warned England and Russia that they could be disqualified from Euro 2016 if Marseille violence is repeated.

It follows a series of clashes between football fans and French police.

Hundreds of outraged England fans called for Russia to be stripped of its hosting of the 2018 World Cup, after a third day of violent clashes saw numerous Brits hospitalised.

Scenes of extreme violence were captured on camera after Russia's 1-1 draw against England on Saturday.

On Saturday, an England supporter was said to be in a critical condition and two others were seriously hurt following a third day of violent clashes in Marseille.

The Mirror reported that a gang of 20 or so Russian fans all clad in black had been hunting England supporters. Violence was said to have flared up in the Old Port area around 4.15pm on Saturday.

Police reportedly fired tear gas to disperse crowds and riot police with dogs had moved in to separate rival fans who have clashed for three days now.

Photos from the clashes also showed paramedics battling to save the life of an England supporter who was thought to have suffered a cardiac arrest after being beaten by Russian fans.

According to the MailOnline, one middle-aged England fan was knocked unconscious after Russian hooligans - some wielding knives - charged at England supporters. It said dozens of England supporters had been injured.