Wales Vs Russia Euro 2016: Fans Defy UEFA With #WALRUS Match Hashtag

But hundreds are rallying against the diktat.

UEFA today managed to crush the excitement of hundreds of football fans by spoiling the fun of those taking advantage of Wales playing Russia at the Euros.

Many people were enjoying mocking the trending '#WALRUS', given that commentary on Twitter on most football games takes the two three-character initials of the teams playing.

Everyone was having so much fun:

Fun, that is, until UEFA decided to wade in and remind everyone that technically the official hashtag was #RUSWAL.

The customary composition of the hashtag means that the home team, in this instance Russia, takes the first part of the hashtag.

Attempting to use a light-hearted joke to issue the social media diktat, UEFA told fans the official hashtag was sadly "not the funny one".

Leaving hundreds of fans crestfallen.

But some chose to fight back and flout the plea by UEFA.

That included the BBC's official 'Match of the Day' account, which leads the corporation's football coverage.

It comes as Wales lead 2-0 at half-time in the clash against Russia to determine whether they will land a place in the top two of the European Championships 'Group B'.

Earlier in the day, British police chiefs said they were hopeful the “impeccable” behaviour of England and Wales fans during last week’s match would continue throughout and after the game tonight.

Security was boosted ahead of the clash following violent scenes in Marseille and Lille, as UK investigators work to identify Russian hooligans who attacked England fans, as well as English troublemakers.

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