UFO Hunters Claim To Have Found A "Bus-Sized" Giant Spider Hidden Within Google Earth

The resemblance is uncanny...we'll give them that.

A collection of UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists have found within Google Earth, what they’re claiming is a “bus-sized” giant spider off the coast of Mexico.

Reported by well-known conspiracy theory site UFO Sightings Daily, the finding comes from YouTuber “MEXICOGEEK” who shows off the image by zooming in on Google Earth.

The image appears to show what could quite easily be interpreted as an arachnid of some kind but with nine legs instead of eight.

Describing the object as “enormous”, the site’s founder Scott Waring predicted that it would be probably be big enough to “devour an entire person”.


The video however has taken flak from conspiracy theorists for being nothing more than a badly made hoax. Why? The video doesn’t include exact coordinates.

Usually when UFO hunters post Google Earth findings online they’ll include the coordinates allowing others to find it for themselves, prompting further discussion.

Honestly, what we’re probably looking at is nothing more than a classic case of Pareidolia - the psychological phenomenon where the human brain sees a familiar pattern and then associates it with a known object.

It’s why UFO hunters claim to see famous objects on Mars and why every five years we end up with a piece of Jesus toast.

Still, if nothing else it’s fascinating to occasionally dip your toe into the YouTube comments section just to get lost in a barrage of links, findings and supposed government conspiracies.

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