Finally ― Here's When To Expect 28°C Weather In The UK

It's pleasingly soon.
Richard Baker via Getty Images

I am a staunch ‘talking about the weather’ apologist, especially recently. I mean, there’s so much weather to talk about! It’s barely August! I’m being battered by gales! That’s noteworthy! In fact, Northern Ireland recently faced its wettest July on record.

Thankfully, we’ve known for a little while now that the likes of Storm Antoni won’t stick around forever. And with the UK’s weather set to take a turn for the calmer this week, we thought we’d share the exact days the Met predicts 28°C climes in parts of Britain ― and how long the pleasant weather seems set to stay around.

This Thursday might be the “warmest day in a month”

Good news for sun lovers (or even just rain haters) ― this Thursday (10th August) seems set to be a lot drier than the last few we’ve faced.

While the start of the week is set to involve sunny spells and scattered showers (classic British fare), Wednesday and Thursday could have less rain and more sun. The Met describe the outlook as “Drier and brighter... perhaps with a few showers. Temperatures rising, reaching into the mid to high twenties briefly.”

Sky News has given more specific numbers, saying that Thursday “could hit highs of 28°C in parts of the UK.”

Sounds great, right?

Well... hold your horses.

Yes, the balmier break this Thursday is welcome. But it’s still the UK ― brace yourself for an inevitable soggy whiplash.

“Cloud and rain” is set to return to the UK ― its natural habitat, apparently ― this Friday, according to the Met Office. And the following weeks are likely to be “mixed,” with a range of showers and “average” temperatures for August.

And while yes, the rainy weather might annoy some, at least it’s in keeping with most peoples’ expectations of the month ― while July has been unusually soggy, June was the UK’s hottest on record. I, for one, am just about ready for a predictable, regular-degular month, thanks.