And The Nation's Favourite Party Food Is... Potato Salad. Seriously?

Because 2022 just keeps getting wilder.
Richards, Charlie via Getty Images

What’s pale, stodgy and oh-so easy to batch prep? The UK’s favourite party food, it seems.

Yes, potato salad has been named the nation’s top buffet treat, in what might be the wildest news of 2022.

The crowning comes courtesy of the team at HelloFresh, who analysed search data to determine which party foods we’re all googling ahead of the Christmas period.

While potato salad came out top – which a whopping 33,100 UK monthly searches – its arch nemesis, coleslaw, didn’t even make the top 10.

Quiche came in at number two, proving the world has truly lost the plot, though there isn’t a prawn ring in sight (get Kerry Katona back in those Iceland ads).

The rather fancier Halloumi fries and a cheese board tied in third in the search data, while spring rolls, pork pies and pizza popped up later in the list.

One thing we will say for potato salad – it’s cheap and it’s filling. If you want to upgrade yours just a tad, we’d recommend following this recipe from our pals at Tasty, which includes dijon mustard, lemon, chives, hard boiled eggs and smoked paprika, to make things a little more interesting.

Here’s the full list of party faves, according to HelloFresh:

1. Potato salad
2. Quiche
3. Halloumi fries
3. Cheese board
4. Sausage rolls
4. Scotch egg
5. Vol-au-vents
6. Spring rolls
7. Pork pie
8. Pickled onions
8. Mozzarella sticks
8. Chicken skewers
9. Cocktail sausages
9. Chicken drumsticks
9. Ham sandwich
10. Cheese pizza