UK Gardeners Can Get Rid Of Paving Weeds For Free Using This Hack

It's also pet-safe.

You can spend your entire year working on making the most beautiful, flourishing garden and still, all your care and expertise feels like it’s gone to waste when you see weeds growing on your paving slabs and around your patio.

However, one gardening expert, a genius if you will, has shared not only what can get rid of these weeds but also provided a pet-safe method meaning our furry friends aren’t at risk of poisoning, unlike with popular weeding solutions which are toxic to animals.

How to safely get rid of weeds

So, this was revealed in the Facebook group aptly named Loving Your Garden.

One user said “Flowers and weeds are driving me mad growing between my patio slabs? What can I do? It has to be dog friendly”

He added that while he does have a large garden filled with flowers that attract insects that he loves, he doesn’t want to keep weeding his patio.

So, what is this miracle method? It’s very simple: boiling water. Commenters said that it kills the weeds right off and is very efficient and environmentally safe.

It turns out that boiling water for these little places is ideal because unlike weeds on the edges of your grass, the weeds that grow between paving slabs are very hard to get to the root of so a few rounds of boiling water sizzles away that difficulty.

How to prevent paving slab weeds

According to the experts at Universeal Sealants, you can prevent weeds growing between slabs quite efficiently once you’ve finished weeding. They recommend that following weeding, you pressure wash the paving slabs, sand between any gaps and then use stone sealent between the slabs to prevent further growth.

Just make sure that you wear protective footwear (so not your usual gardening Crocs) and that the weather is set to be dry for at least 24-48 hours to make sure your sealent stays in place and you’re good to go!

Happy weeding!