UK Weather: Atlantic Pressure Vortex To Bring Torrential Rain And Gales

Yellow rain warnings are on the horizon.
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This week’s weather has started as it means to go on – murky, misty, rainy and foggy.

However there will be a short respite across East Anglia, with southerly winds bringing up mild air – which could see the mercury climb up to 17C.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: “Now for many it will be a brightening up process through the day, the mist and low cloud will tend to disappear.

“But in the west the cloud will thicken and see this rain just trickling into Cornwall and Pembrokeshire and pushing north to Northern Ireland come the afternoon.”

However, by Wednesday a lurking pressure vortex spanning the Atlantic has prompted yellow rain warnings, with heavy downpours forecasted for south Wales and south west England in the early hours.

The Met Office warns that flooding of homes and businesses is likely, with up to 60mm of rain expected over some hills.

Mid-week is set to be blustery as well as soggy, though temperatures will be mild, reaching the teens in many places.

Rain and wind warnings have been issued for the same areas all day on Friday, with delays to journeys possible and spray and flooding on roads possible.

Deakin warns: “Weather fronts continue to push in across the UK through the rest of this week and there’s more heavy rain to come.”


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