03/12/2018 12:03 GMT

The UK Weather's Finally About To Get Cold And Icy – Here Are 7 Reasons Why We're Actually Excited

Winter, where you at?

Alexandr Zhenzhirov via Getty Images

After what seems like an unfathomably long period of warm weather, this week we’ve been promised snow and ice. In the much-iterated words of Jon Snow (‘Game of Thrones’ guy, not the news presenter), winter is coming.

The Met Office predicts there’ll be some frosty starts throughout the week, with wintry showers in the north. Some might groan about the cold weather...

But we’re all for finding the joy in things – so here’s what we’re excited for as the temperature drops...

No More Commuter Sweats

The cooler weather means the temperature on buses, trains and Tubes will drop accordingly. Not breaking out into a raging sweat at 7am is The One. 

Breathing In That Fresh Air

There’s nothing like inhaling a big breath of crisp, clean air on a cold winter’s day. So invigorating – except, of course, if you live in London and it’s full of diesel fumes.

Being Able To Wear ALL The Layers

Hello to my hat, scarf, gloves, coat and 335938676 other layers. That’s better.

Wearing Your New Winter Clothes

If you bought some lush thick jumpers about three months ago and have been waiting to wear them, now’s your chance. *Cuts tags off*

Getting The Hot Water Bottle Out

A lot of women will have been hot-water-bottling all year long (thanks, periods) – but now you can use them without breaking into mega sweats. Yee-haa. 

Feeling Ultra Festive

Because singing Christmas songs while it’s still 14 degrees outside just doesn’t feel right. 

Enjoying Your Cosy Home

Walking into a warm, cosy room when you’ve been outside in the cold is hands-down one of the best feelings ever.