08/02/2017 18:31 GMT | Updated 08/02/2017 18:32 GMT

Ukip Assembly Member Says Leave Campaign 'Lied' To Win The Brexit Vote

That's one way to defend yourself...

A Ukip Welsh Assembly Member has said the Brexit campaign “lied” in order to win the EU referendum.

David Rowlands made the surprise admission as he argued campaigners who backed Britain’s original entry into Europe of peddling even greater mistruths. 

Speaking in the Senedd on Wednesday, Rowlands said, to gasps of shock from other Members: “I’m fortunate enough to be older to have heard the promises that took us into the EU and I can assure you the lies that took us into the EU they are the greater lies that has taken us out.

David Rowlands

“Those lies - you say they’re lies - that took us out of the EU pale into insignificance with the lies that took us into the EU.”

He cited no loss of sovereignty, no loss of fishing grounds and not being asked to join a currency union as evidence, adding: “all those lies took us into Europe”. 

Figures from both the Leave and Remain camps have both accused the other of lying, previously. 

Tory MP Anna Soubry attacked Vote Leave for its ‘£350m for the NHS’ pledge - saying it was a disgrace the campaign had “peddled that lie”. 

Meanwhile, Brexiters have sniped that warnings of a post-Brexit-vote recession were simply a tactic of ‘Project Fear’.