Even Ukrainians In A City Under Russian Control Show No Fear As They Face Down Enemy Troops In Video

Ukrainian forces have demonstrated their bravery once again in the only regional capital captured by Russian forces.
Ukrainians square up to Russian troops in the city of Kherson, which is now under Moscow's control
Ukrainians square up to Russian troops in the city of Kherson, which is now under Moscow's control

Ukrainian protesters in the captured city of Kherson were not cowed by the Russians, even when faced with guns, according to a video posted to social media on Wednesday.

The beleaguered country’s resistance has impressed the international community in the last two weeks, with regular civilians taking on Russia’s troops following their brutal, unprovoked invasion.

Approximately two million Ukrainian civilians have now fled the warzone, but many have decided to stay on to fight.

A video posted on Twitter by a former Ukrainian minister, Tmofiy Mylovanov, showed Ukrainians shouting and running around with their national flag when there is the sudden sound of gunshots in Kherson, a captured port city.

None of the dozens in the video withdraw, but keep walking towards the same point with purpose.

It soon becomes clear the crowds at shouting at Russian troops, who have sealed off a road.

According Mylovanov, the people were angry after a Russian troop started “beating up a protester”.

He adds: “Russians open fire (in the air) and that does not stop but mobilise protesters. Pure anger and no fear.”

The clip was posted on Wednesday, the fourteenth day of the invasion, and accounts from last week show that people in Kherson initially stayed at home “reading the news”, as “people try not to panic”.

But, first-hand reports in The Guardian suggest that last Friday, three days after the capture, civilians rallied together and told the Russian humanitarian convoy which arrived to “go fuck yourself”.

People also gathered together for a rally on Freedom Square on Saturday. Reportedly, Russian soldiers dragging a detained person on the ground were even quickly overpowered by the civilians, as they reclaimed the protester.

The Guardian’s account also claims: “The gunners in front of the state administration building fire a warning shot. But people are not afraid, there are crowds of protesters of all ages.”


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