Unnerving Photos Of Ukraine From Before And After The War Reveal Depth Of Russian Atrocities

In just over six weeks, parts of the besieged country have become unrecognisable.

The extent of the damage to Ukraine from the war is painfully clear from photos being shared on social media, showing life before and after the Russian invasion.

Ukraine has been transformed by the brutality of the Russian forces in recent weeks, but there are fears the Kremlin is only going to get more aggressive.

Amid unverified reports that chemical weapons have been used in Mariupol and claims Russia is gathering tens of thousands of troops for an eastern offensive, the UN says more than half of the country’s children have been displaced since the invasion.

The devastation felt across the country is palpable in these photos and videos, showing just how life in Ukraine has turned completely upside down.

Bucha, for instance, is just one of the many cities being targeted by the Russians. It made headlines last week after troops withdrew, and humanitarian workers and journalists uncovered the civilian massacre they left behind.

A particularly haunting clip of a family in Kharkiv who had their lives transformed clearly cut through on social media as well, as it was repeatedly shared from a range of users.

A different TikTok video which claims to show a Ukrainian office shows workers getting on with their day-to-day lives, before flashing to the complete collapse of the ruined building afterwards.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenksyy, who has emerged as a courageous wartime leader in recent weeks, appears heavily altered by the war too, according to photos shared on Twitter.

Another video showed children in Mariupol messing around at school, before “unthinkable shelling, bombardment and blockade” left the building completely destroyed.

Jarring images showing just how damaged the buildings of Ukraine have been making the rounds too, often posted with little to no explanation on social media.


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