Ukrainian Soldier Goes Viral For Refusing To Let Russian War Dampen Their Dancing

Not even background explosions will stop this soldier.

A Ukrainian soldier has gone viral for dancing in full camouflage gear early in the morning on Monday, even as explosions are heard in the background.

Although Vladimir Putin’s war continues to wreck devastation and havoc on the country, even those on the Ukrainian frontline seem determine to keep their spirits up as the conflict creeps into its ninth month.

And one clip shared by the Defence of Ukraine’s Twitter account, a branch of the official government, clearly brought cheer to many on Monday morning as it went viral.

The 23-second video shows an unidentified person dancing in time to some pop music in the background, in what the Twitter account dubs a “morning Pikachu Dance”.

Pikachu is a famous, fictional animal in anime series Pokemon, known for being rather cute.

This one clip racked up more than half a million views, almost 30,000 likes and 2,900 comments within its first eight hours online.

It was captioned: “Morning Pikachu Dance. Winter has never been an obstacle to a good mood.”

Ukraine has been incredibly successful during the last few months in its counteroffensive against Russia, reclaiming much of its land to the south and the east.

Although the harsh winter conditions are set to slow both sides down, Kyiv has remained optimistic that the season will not reduce Ukraine’s winning streak.

Meanwhile, Russia’s airstrikes are still trying to wipe out the entire energy infrastructure of the country.

Ukraine has used social media to its advantage throughout the war, and to show a more subtle form of resistance to Putin’s attempted takeover.

For example, The North Atlantic Fellas Organisation (a take on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Nato), has made international headlines for trolling Russian propaganda through memes of a particular dog.


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