5 Ukrainian Women Sharing What Life During The Invasion Really Looks Like

“Today, Ukrainian women are supposed to get flowers…instead of flowers we are carrying guns."

There have been harrowing accounts coming out from Ukraine during its invasion by Russia. Many of these are based on genuine on-the-ground reporting, while others are inaccurate, misleading and feed misinformation.

Which is why we’re honouring some of the women who are offering a real insight into what’s happening in their countries.

From MPs to activists, organisers and a beauty pageant winner, women have been raising awareness of the conflict to audiences all over the world. We’ve picked some accounts for you to follow.

“Today, Ukrainian women are supposed to get flowers…instead of flowers we are carrying guns” – Kira Rudik

Rudik is the ruling MP of the political party Voice and since 2019 a member of the Ukrainian parliament. She’s shown great fortitude in leading the resistance in Ukraine.

“I’m going to keep on talking. The one thing I have for sure is my voice and I’m not going to be bullied” – Koko

This birth educator and student doctor has been shedding a light on the plight of Black Ukrainians and migrants trying to leave the country and the racism they’ve faced. She also runs a campaigning group, Black Women For Black Lives, to fundraise for Black students fleeing Ukraine. Though she’s now made it to the UK, she’s still sharing useful insights.

“I am not the military, just a woman, just normal human. Just a person, like all people of my country.” – Anastasiia Lenna

This former Miss Ukraine has been mobilsing support on her social media, drawing in almost a million people per some of her more popular posts.

After joining the military to form a defence against the invasion, she said she doesn’t want to offer “propaganda”, but show people that the women of Ukraine are strong, confident and powerful.

“Don’t cover Ukraine with blood. Immediate truce is our demand, then we’ll join negotiations” – Myroslava Petsa

This reporter who works with BBC Ukraine has been demystifying the situation unfolding, offering insights and analysis as she reports from the capital, Kyiv.

“Ukrainians aren’t waiting for the war with Russia to start. They have been fighting one since 2014” - Anastasia Viasova

This photojournalist from Ukraine has been posting visuals coming out of Ukraine, sharing their courage, resilience and heartbreak.