Undertaker Loses Hearse And Corpse After 'Going For A Boozy Lunch'

Of all the things you could lose, this is probably one of the most worrying.

An unfortunate undertaker managed to lose his entire hearse and a dead body after stopping for a boozy lunch on his way to a funeral.

The driver had been sent to Italy to pick up the corpse and take it back to Poland, but stopped off for a bite to eat along the way.

After parking his Mercedes hearse "somewhere near the main train station" in Munich, the hapless funeral worker was then unable to find his vehicle which still had the deceased locked up in the back.

Stock image
Stock image
Religious Images/UIG via Getty Images

Local police officers told the media "he wasn’t very helpful and we think that alcohol may have come into play".

After 24 hours and a public call for help, the car was eventually spotted near the city's Isar River, which is nowhere near the train station.

The 24-year-old later continued his journey onto Warsaw to deliver the body.

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