27/01/2017 10:48 GMT

'Unforgotten' Review: 12 Burning Questions We Have After Episode 4

Where's Wendy?!

‘Unforgotten’ continues to tighten its grip around us, as the fate of David Walker becomes more complicated - his untimely death seen in the context of the trail of victims he left behind. Any one of his apparent victims could have sought revenge but, as Cassie asked her tireless force, which one did?

And other questions... 

1. What DID the three suspects talk about in the pub?

2. Why wasn’t Tessa included, and why was there no further mention of the chat? Have they decided silence is the best policy?

3. Is Colin’s partner Simon beginning to suspect him of long-ago foul deeds, including, possibly, murder? 

4. We finally found out that Cassie’s husband died when her children were little, through her support of David Walker’s son Jason. What happened to him?

Will Marion push her husband too far? She looks like she could be the first one to pop

5. Should Cassie be offering to arrange a beer between her sons and Jason. Isn’t he a bit close to the case she’s investigating?

6. What was behind the allegation that Colin Osborne had raped a temp at his previous place of employment? Why wasn’t it reported? What light does this shed on his connection to David Walker? 

7. Now Eileen Quinn has been located, it turns out that Marion’s intentions towards David Walker were indeed murky - “she wanted us to kill him”. When Quinn and her cohorts said no, did Marion take matters into her own hands?

8. Isn’t Colin meant to be an intelligent man? First he left his phone in the hands of his blackmailers, then he confessed he hadn’t got round to safeguarding it. What further mischief will they engage in, and why on earth hasn’t he got a password on his phone? 

And what’s he going to do NOW, that Tyler - as could probably have been predicted - wants more of his cash?

Wow - that assault on Cassie by Jason came out of nowhere. Although she was quick to forgive, it does make you wonder - what else is he capable of if pressed? Did his father upset him in some way?  

Now it’s pretty clear David Walker was a paedophile and part of a bigger ring, what implication does that have on the investigation into his death? Is it really as Cassie suggests - someone grew up and wanted revenge - or something more complicated? 

Where was Wendy Craig in this episode? More of her, please. 

Any theories you have for the murderer, please tweet me at @FrostReporter, and I’ll be sure to include in our theories round-up. 

‘Unforgotten’ continues on ITV on Thursdays at 9pm. Catch up on ITVPlayer. 

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