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'Unforgotten' Review Of Final Episode 5: Two Things That Made It Unforgettable Crime Drama

An ending that was satisfying, complicated and surprisingly moving.

’Unforgotten’ concluded last night with an ending that was satisfying, complicated and surprisingly moving for a standard midweek crime thriller. 

The characters covered a HUGE amount of ground in this final episode, sending the investigation in a brand new direction in the final 60 minutes. 

As Cassie promised last week, she had quite a theory to present to her team. Which was…

Three victims, three murderers, but not of their own abusers. No, she deduced that Marion, Sara and Colin each murdered one of the other’s abusers, so as to provide themselves with watertight alibis. Wow!

I guess we could have seen this coming. As Marion was the only one without a watertight alibi for David Walker’s murder, it must have been her. What she lacked was motive... which was where the other jigsaw pieces started to come together. 

Sanjeev Bhaskar and Nicola Walker excelled themselves in the concluding episode of 'Unforgotten'

As it turned out, Marion killed Sara’s abuser, and Sara killed Osborne’s, which meant Osborne finished off Marion’s, more complicated as it was her own father. 

The two things that made this concluding episode so special...

The incredibly loving environments writer Chris Lang created for his suspects in the present day - Sara’s incredibly supportive husband, Gary’s troubled but going-nowhere partner Simon, Marion’s loving sister despite their past… even Jason’s helpful neighbour silently leaving a meal for him.

And finally, the compassion shown by police officers Cassie and Sunny - tacitly deciding that no justice would be served by the arrest of any of these people. Their final conversation in the pub - hinting at everything they both knew, confirming nothing - confirmed our guesses that, in these two so beautifully played by Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, we have a pair of TV cops we can really place our faith in. Lots more where this came from, please. 

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