Union J Replace George Shelley With Another ‘X Factor’ Star

Out with the old, in with the new(ish)...

Union J have announced that they’re replacing the recently departed George Shelley, with another former ‘X Factor’ star.

Casey Johnson from the ill-fated Stereo Kicks has joined the group, and the lads have all shared their joy at the decision on Twitter:

Watch the big reveal in the video below:

However, Casey has angered some Stereo Kicks fans by making derogatory comments about the group, telling the Sun: “I have always wanted to be in a band, not a choir.

“What I was in before wasn’t like a boyband. Stereo Kicks was more of a choir.”

He has since responded to criticism on Twitter, writing:

Hopefully, this marks a new beginning for the band, who ended up sheepishly backtracking on comments made after George’s exit.

George (second from left, with the best hair) is doing his own thing now
George (second from left, with the best hair) is doing his own thing now
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

After appearing to joke about George’s prospects without them, the remaining members of the group then posted their own messages on Twitter to clarify the situation, with one stating that it was “a very sad day that has been blown out of proportion.”

Stacey Solomon (Series 6, 2009)

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