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Unique Baby Names: Nameberry Shares Unusual Girls' Names From Around The Globe

'Anouka' is the Dutch version of 'Anna'.

If you’re looking for a baby name that’s unique, why not look a bit further afield?

Baby naming website Nameberry has shared its top picks of girls’ names from around the globe.

To make sure they’re unusual, the team made sure none of the names have ever appeared in the US top 1,000 baby name lists.

“If you’re looking for an unusual baby name, you don’t have to go to the extreme of inventing a new name or creating a novel spelling when there’s a whole world of unique international baby names out there to browse and choose from,” said Linda Rosenkrantz of Nameberry. 

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Rosenkrantz said there are countless names that could be “worn comfortably” by any child in any country.

They picked out their top 21 girls’ names that have “foreign flair and solid histories”. Here are eight of our favourites to inspire parents-to-be.

1. Anouk - French/Dutch diminutive of Anna.

2. Kalinda - A Hindi name similar to Linda and Belinda.

3. Dasha - Russian nickname joining together Sasha and Misha.

4. Ginevra - Italian version of Geneva .

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5. Isabeau - French version of Isabel.

6. Roza - Polish translation of Rosa.

7. Shoshana - Hebrew version of Susannah.

8. Varvara - Russian version of Barbara.

Visit the Nameberry website to see their list of the top 21 unique international girls’ names with a description of them. 

Whether you’re looking for a name that is ‘cool’, ‘cute’, ‘pretty’, or ‘unique’, our Baby Name Generator is here to inspire you. Discover the meaning of your favourite name, browse the 100 most popular baby girl names and baby boy names in England and Wales, or let our Random Name Generator throw up an unusual suggestion. 

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