09/01/2017 21:06 GMT | Updated 10/01/2017 08:54 GMT

University Challenge Contestant Ephraim Jacob Jacobus Levinson Wows Viewers With Incredible Name

Does it match up to Bobby Seagull though?

There have been some amazing names on University Challenge over the years.

While Barto Joly de Lotbiniere was a fan favourite back in 2015, Bobby Seagull set Twitter on fire when he appeared earlier in the series. 

So viewers were glued to their screens last night when a Peterhouse College Cambridge contestant introduced himself as Ephraim Jacob Jacobus Levinson.  

Is Levinson the man to finally overtake Bobby Seagull in the name stakes? 

Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to point out the student’s unusual moniker...

What was more thrilling though, was finding out that Levinson and former contestant Oscar Powell - the man with the best facial expressions on television - used to get up to high jinks while they were at Cambridge together. 

(Seriously, we need to get the background to this story.)

Sadly, as Levinson’s team only scored to 150 points to Corpus Christi’s 175, we won’t get to see anymore of the delightfully-named English Literature student. 

But his incredible name will live on in the University Challenge history books.