13/03/2017 21:27 GMT | Updated 14/03/2017 08:13 GMT

University Challenge Contestant Sophie Rudd Eliminated In Showdown With Eric Monkman

Is a Monkman v Seagull final still on the cards?

It was a battle of the fan favourites on University Challenge last night as Sophie Rudd - who gave one of the best quiz show answers of all time - took on legendary Roy Cropper lookalike Eric Monkman

As their teams from Warwick University and Wolfson College, Cambridge faced off for a place in the semi-finals, fans rejoiced in the fact that two of the programme’s most iconic contestants were going head to head.  

But in typical Monkman fashion, the Canadian brainiac led his team to victory in a flurry of bellowed answers, beating the Warwick team 205 points to 175. 

BBC/ University Challenge
Fan favourites Sophie Rudd and Eric Monkman faced off in last night's University Challenge 

Viewers were pretty devastated to lose Rudd, who has offered some of the best answers - and outfits - of the series so far: 

But that didn’t stop Monkman’s army of dedicated fans celebrating his win and the possibility of a Monkman v Bobby Seagull series final. 

But is the dream showdown destined to take place? Only time will tell.