14/11/2016 22:32 GMT

University Challenge Fans Heartbroken As Show Loses Its Happiest Contestant James Green

We miss his cheeky grin already.

As a rule, avid University Challenge fans tend to love all of the contestants. But some of them completely steal our hearts. 

James Green from St Andrews is one of those contestants. When he first appeared on the show last month, viewers were totally enamoured with his cheeky grin.  

But they were left heartbroken last night when it all went wrong for poor Green and his team as they challenged the University of Birmingham. 

St Andrews student James Green completely stole our hearts when he first appeared on the show

At first, viewers were delighted to see one of their favourite contestants back on their screens.

But when Birmingham took a quick lead in the second round match, fans realised that they weren’t going to see many smiles from Green.

Green's sunny smile quickly slipped once St Andrews started losing 

 People were pretty upset about it.

Despite a last minute run of correct answers from St Andrews, the team were outclassed by the Birmingham Uni students, with the final score standing at 195 to 115. 

Sadly, that means the end of the show’s sunniest contestants on our screens. 

But we will always have the memories. Never change, Green.  

Green's team were beaten 195 to 115 by Birmingham University