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But when Birmingham took a quick lead in the second round match, fans realised that they weren’t going to see many smiles
Collaboration is one of the biggest 'buzz-words' for our generation. Nothing currently seems to happen in isolation; rather, events/concepts/projects are borne out of ideas from two heads rather than one.
All in all, SASUUM initiated the eye-opening dialogue that will usher in a new dawn of engagement with African affairs.
St Andrews University has had to apologise to hundreds of hopeful students after a "brutal" error meant the teenagers were
Students at St Andrews University will be able to apply to live in tee-total accommodation from next year, as the institution
Two students from St Andrews University have been fined after they stood in the middle of a busy high street holding up signs
A PhD student at St Andrews University has been placed on the sex offenders register after admitting to carrying out sex
As they frolic in the foam, the thought of insurmountable mountains of debt and a bleak employment landscape couldn't be
A German princess was arrested after stripping off her clothes and racially abusing a first aider at a posh university party