20/03/2017 21:40 GMT

University Challenge Viewers Have Unique Job Suggestion For Balliol College, Oxford Team

Not sure it requires a PhD though...

With their incredible brains on display to the nation each week, the contestants on University Challenge probably have their choice of amazing jobs when they graduate. 

But the quiz show’s viewers had other ideas for the students from Balliol College, Oxford, when they appeared on the last quarter-final match of the series tonight against their classmates from Corpus Christi College.  

University Challenge fans suggested the team from Balliol College, Oxford should become a boy band 

Fans took to Twitter in droves to suggest that the team form the world’s most intelligent boy band, pointing to their coordinated outfits, rock-star attitudes and league of loyal fans.  

Like every famous boy band, Potts, Lloyd, Goldman and Pope have gained some very enthusiastic fans:

In the footsteps of One Direction and the Backstreet boys, it seemed like the lads had even tried to coordinate their outfits (to varying degrees of success):  

Thankfully for their hordes of screaming fans Balliol College beat their Corpus Christi 240 points to 160, bagging themselves the last semi-final place in the competition. 

But will the boys be such a hit if they face off against Eric Monkman or Bobby Seagull?