University Of Oxford

A team from the University of Oxford was facing accusations of anti-Semitism for its choice of talisman.
Powell: "I was a state educated, northern girl doing science."
Funded by the Wellcome Trust, the human challenge trial, which has received ethics approval, is due to start this month.
University of Oxford says it is waiting for regulators to investigate reports of a rare form of blood clot among adults.
The Oxford jab is also 100% effective at keeping people out of hospital with severe illness.
It means the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs may not need to be modified to protect against the strain.
The move comes as new figures show the jab is effective at reducing hospitalisation and symptomatic Covid in older people.
The study also found that those who backed Remain were around 7% more willing to have a jab.
The figures come as Boris Johnson reveals his roadmap out of lockdown.
It comes after Oxford University experts identified additional adults at serious risk from coronavirus.