Unsend Messages Or Protect Against Screenshots With New 'Privates' App

Ever sent a message you then wish you could take back?

Ever sent a message you wish you could take back? Or discovered that a screenshot of your drunken snapchat is doing the rounds on social media?

A new app called Privates! claims to tackle both these social nightmares by allowing you to delete messages, even after you've sent them.


It also comes with a range of protective features against people who might want to screenshot an image or video you've sent them.

The app includes end-to-end encryption as standard between its users and comes with a 'unsend' function that will delete messages both on your phone and on the recipient's phone.

To tackle screenshot villains the app gives you the chance to use three different types of security when sending an image or video:

Touch Security - The user has to tap the screen with two fingers to make the image appear.

Motion Security - The user has to perfectly balance the phone in a particular way to reveal the image or video.

Camera Security - The user must submit to having their face scanned before being allowed to see the image.

Speaking to Metro, the app's creator Dr Isaac Datikashvili revealed that he had originally designed the app as a way of securely transferring medical records.

It was only after creating a rough design of the app that he saw the potential uses in personal messaging.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

While apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat contain features which protect against privacy such as end-to-end encryption and a screenshot alarm, neither allow you to unsend a message once it has been sent.

If those aren't secure enough then Privates! will even automatically delete the message or image after 3, 12 or 24 hours.

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